Yamaha Logo

Yamaha Logo

Yamaha Corporation is a world-renowned Japanese conglomerate headquartered in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. Founded in October 1887, it produces a wide range of products including musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and other sports related equipment.

With a net income of US$ 225.5 million as of 2010, the company employs 55,000 people across the world.


Shape of the Yamaha Logo

The timeless Yamaha logo, depicting a tuning fork, was created way back in 1967 when the company was known as a big-name manufacturer of high-quality pianos. The logo has remained largely unchanged since then, despite a few modification attempts in the late 1980s.

There are actually three tuning forks which overlap each another to subconsciously spell out the letter “Y”. Contained within a circle, these forks symbolize effective production, strong sales and modern technology. All these attributes are reflected in the finely tuned instruments and machines of Yamaha.

Colors of the Yamaha Logo

The purple color in the Yamaha logo typifies royalty, prestige and prosperity, whereas the silver color stands for sophistication and creativity of the company’s products.

Font of the Yamaha Logo

The Yamaha logo features a custom-made, asymmetric typeface.