Windows Logo

Windows Logo

Microsoft Windows is a hugely popular graphical-based user interface which includes standard features such as scroll bars, icons, dialog boxes and pull-down menus. Designed by Microsoft Corporation, it appeared for the first time on November 20, 1985.

It is one of the most commonly used operation systems in the world today and is available in desktops, servers and embedded variants.


Windows Old Logos Evolution History

Shape and Colors of the Windows Logo

The flag has been the traditional and fundamental element of the Windows logo. The emblem has mainly featured four window panes or quadrants. Moreover, the space between these quadrants formed a cross – one of the most widely used symbols in logo design.

The cross and the quadrants are logically related to each other, representing the earth and the land. The most frequent colors used in the Windows logo – red, green, blue, amber and white – reinforce the emblem’s connection with earth, through fire, water, flora and fauna.

The earliest version of the Windows logo was unveiled in November 1985. After that, the logo has seen various modifications, all of which utilized a four-colored wavy flag until 2012.

The Windows 8 logo, created by Paula Scher of the celebrated branding agency Pentagram, heavily borrows from the “Metro style design”. Unveiled in February 2012, it comprises of a marginally-angled solid blue block holding a thin white cross in the middle. This makes the simple rectangle appear like a window.

Font of the Windows Logo

The current version of the Windows logo features Segoe UI typeface.