Warner Bros. Logo

Warner Bros. Logo

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., is a widely-recognized leader of film, television, and music entertainment. Headquartered in Burbank, California, it was founded in 1918 by the four Warner brothers (Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack).

Warner Bros. is one of the largest film studios in the world, with an annual revenue of US$ 12 billion as of 2012.


Shape of the Warner Bros. Logo

Warner Bros. 90th anniversary logo

The Warner Bros. logo comprises of the company’s initials, “WB”, set in a shield. The emblem appeared for the very first time in 1923. The classic Warner Bros colors, gold and blue, were however introduced in 1948.

In October 2012, the company issued a commemorative logo, as part of its 90th anniversary celebration, containing the iconic Warner Bros shield placed on a red curtain-style pattern. It also included the additional legends “90 years” and “Entertaining the World”.

The Warner Bros. logo is widely regarded as one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the entertainment industry.

Colors of the Warner Bros. Logo

The blue color in the Warner Bros. logo stands for approachability, excellence and grace of the corporation, whereas the gold color depicts its grandness and rich tradition.

Font of the Warner Bros. Logo

The Warner Bros. logo features a custom typeface.