Walt Disney Logo

Walt Disney Logo

The Walt Disney Company is a leading worldwide entertainment corporation with has operations in four business sectors; namely media networks, studio entertainment, parks and resorts and consumer products. Headquartered in Walt Disney Studios, Burbank, California, it is the largest media conglomerate in the world. The company was established in October 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney.

With total assets of US$ 74.898 billion as of 2012, Walt Disney employs 166,000 people across the world.


Walt Disney Castle Logo

Shape of the Walt Disney Logo

The Walt Disney logo, inspired by the curves of Mr. Disney’s signature, makes one of the greatest and most famous logos in history. Recognized by millions of people worldwide, it has played a vital role in uplifting the Disney’s corporate image and in bringing immense success to their business.

You can find a Disney logo on anything from T-shirts to comic books and everything in between.

The castle is the traditional element in the Walt Disney logo. The “Cinderella” castle, with an arcing line overhead, is intended to evoke a feeling of fantasy, intrigue and desire.

Colors of the Walt Disney Logo

The blue color in the Walt Disney logo symbolizes its dominance, excellence and grace, whereas the white color stands for the charm and elegance of the brand.

Font of the Walt Disney Logo

The Walt Disney logo features a handwritten typeface.