Visa Logo

Visa Card Logo

Visa Inc. is a leading American financial services provider that offers credit cards and other “Visa-branded” payment systems. Headquartered in Foster City, California, the company employs 8,500 people across the world with total assets of US$ 40.013 billion as of 2012.


visa old logo evolution

Shape and Font of the Visa Logo

The current version of the Visa logo was unveiled in January 2006, replacing the three-decade-old iconic corporate logo that was famous for its blue, white, and gold design. First appeared in 1970, it featured the brand name in the middle of two lines.

The new logo contains a slightly italic typeface with a considerable accentuation of the inclination on the first character – a winged “V”. According to company officials, the Visa logo was redesigned to highlight the extensive range of electronic payment products offered by the company in a more efficient and effective manner.

Colors of the Visa Logo

The blue color in the Visa logo symbolizes excellence and reliability of the financial products of the company, whereas the gold color depicts its excellence and rich tradition.