Unilever Logo

Unilever Logo

Unilever is a dual-listed company that comprises of London-based Unilever PLC and Rotterdam-based Unilever NV. The company was founded in January 1930 by Antonius Johannes Jurgens, Samuel van den Bergh and William Hulme Lever, 2nd Viscount Leverhulme. Unilever operates more than 500 companies worldwide that manufacture and market a variety of products, including food, beverages, soap, cleaning agents and personal care products. A few of its notable brands include Ponds, Dove, Lipton, Lux, Walls, Knorr and Axe.

With total assets of €46.16 billion as of 2012, the company employs more than 171,000 people across the world.


Shape of the Unilever Logo

The current version of the Unilever logo is often rated among the world’s most popular and instantly recognizable logos. It is an ideal example of a composite logo. The logo was unveiled in 2004, as part of the company’s 75th anniversary celebrations.

The Unilever logo, designed by a London-based graphic artist named Miles Newlyn, comprises of a large “U” that symbolizes their new theme of “vitality”. The distinctive “U” consists of twenty six different icons intricately woven together that represent Unilever, its famous brands, and the benefits the company wishes to deliver to its consumers. These icons incorporate Sun, Hand, Flower, Bee, DNA, Hair, Palm tree, Sauces or Spreads, Bowl, Spoon, Spice & Flavors, Fish, Sparkle, Bird, Tea, Lips, Ice cream, Recycle, Particles, Frozen, Container, Heart, Clothes, Wave and Liquid.

The Unilever logo has been noted by design critics as one of the most unique and successful corporate redesigns in recent years. It is a considerably complex design, but works well even with all its details in very small applications.

The old Unilever logo featured the World Trade Center tower imagery.

Unilever Old Logo

Colors of the Unilever Logo

The use of blue color in the Unilever logo typifies prosperity, joy, unity, purity, trustworthiness and safety.

Font of the Unilever Logo

The Unilever logo features a handwritten typeface.