Top 3 Things Common in Famous Logos

Posted by Jenna Newsom in General


If you do a careful analysis of logos of top 100 money making brands then you will definitely find a few similarities among these logos which are definitely not a coincidence. Getting to know about these similarities may help us in creating a great logo. Following are top three things common in famous logos.

1.     Simplicity

The most obvious thing in majority of the popular logos is their simplicity. They are designed in such a way that they can easily be seen and understand even in small size. Consider the logo of Nokia, Coca Cola, and Microsoft etc. All of them are simply written.

2.     Use of Just one or Two Colors

Another most obvious thing in some of the top logos of money making companies is that they have just one or two colors in them. Take the example of Coca Cola, MacDonald, Samsung, Canon, Dell, HP etc.

3.     Use of Blue And Red Color

Most of the people have never noticed that 50% of the top logos have blue or red color in them. Some of the examples include Coca Cola, Samsung, Nokia, HP, Canon, Xerox, Intel, KFC etc. There is a specific purpose of using these two colors in logos. Blue is frequently used by businessmen as this color shows professionalism and trust. Red on the other hand, shows intensity, energy, strength and passion.

Though, there is no secret formula to creating the best logo yet little things like simplicity and selection of right color in right area helps a lot in creating a unique logo that stands out in the crowd.



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