Top 10 Most Creative Business Logo Designs of 2013

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I know it’s getting to the end of 2014 already, but we’d like to present you some of the most creative business logo designs that we have identified last year and maybe that’ll trigger some inspirations for your creative work in remainder of year 2014 🙂

10. Nature by George Bokhua

This theme is what our world definitely needs right now. This design perfectly embodies the elements into the natural world.


9. Krohn by Commando Group and Eivind Molvaer

This logo is definitely very unique and its simplicity is something that you will truly love!


8. Guitar by Xstortionist

This is one of the best thing ever! It is available for download on Creative Market right now and you can start using it to jazz up your business right away! The design is very creative indeed.


7. Fresh by Sean McCabe

This logo resembles that of the company’s business. It caters goods to the nature of its environment.


6. Wishmaker by Design Spot

This design is very appealing because of its color and the unique “w” that the main logo consists of.


5. Bike v Design by Mash Creative

The way how the designer designed this is truly spectacular! It amazes me how he came up with this idea – twist on a graphic image of a bike. It’s absolutely stunning and superb!


4. Swirl Direct

The creativeness of how they designed the letter “s” is what makes this logo very eye catching. It maybe very simple, but we also know that most of the time being simple is the best. It’s simply the best!


3. Ginger & Jagger by This is Pacifica

This is maybe the most unique design that we have in this category. The geometric design is amazing! Designing it must be pretty tough but still the designer hit it! As the product says, this brand is not for boring people. The logo says it all.


2. Green Secure by dk Creative

The S is perfectly hidden within the green circular image, creating a crisp shape using white background. This is an excellent logo example of using negative space to create the full and complete image.


1. IPA by Romain Carrere

This will blow you away! The logo is perfect for its line of business. This is something that will truly catch your attention. Thumbs up for the designer!


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