Texas Rangers Logo

Texas Rangers Logo

The Texas Rangers are one of the most famous professional baseball teams in the history of the Major League Baseball (MLB). Based in Arlington, Texas, the team was established in 1961 as the “Washington Senators” and their current name was adapted in 1972.

The Rangers’ current home stadium is Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.


Shape of the Texas Rangers Logo

The Texas Rangers logo is among the most popular logos in baseball. The earliest version of the emblem was introduced in 1972, consisting of a baseball wearing a hat. It has undergone various modifications over the years. The current version of the Texas Rangers logo was unveiled in 2003. It comprises of a circle which is divided into two equal halves; one is red, while the other is blue. A white baseball is placed in the center, bearing “T”, the team’s initials.

The red half features two stars signifying glory, and more prominently, the word “Texas” in uppercase letters. Similarly, the blue half mentions “Rangers” also in uppercase, producing the same result.

Colors of the Texas Rangers Logo

The red color in the Texas Rangers logo represents passion, determination and vitality, whereas the blue and white colors depict strength, excellence and class.

Font of the Texas Rangers Logo

The Texas Rangers logo features a custom typeface.