Superman Logo

Superman Logo

Superman is widely regarded as one of the most famous and commercially successful comic-book characters and superheroes in history, owned by DC Comics. It was created by writer Jerry Siegel and illustrator Joseph Shuster. In Superman’s first appearance, in Action Comics in June 1938, a baby from the doomed planet Krypton is sent to Earth by his parents. As a boy he becomes familiar with his superhuman abilities, such as the ability to fly, X-ray vision and unlimited strength.

Superman has appeared in various forms of media, including radio show, animated-film cartoons, a novel, a Broadway musical, a television series and motion pictures.


Superman Logo Costume

Shape of the Superman Logo

The Superman logo is widely regarded as one of the world’s most popular, memorable and instantly recognizable logos. Its merchandise is always a ubiquitous presence in toy stores and children’s clothing sections, and it is worn by millions of people globally. The Superman logo is a timeless classic and has largely remained unaltered in its iconic history. It was only modified once, with a minor change in the shape of the characters and the letter “U” which was marginally rounded out in 1983.

The Superman logo comprises of a stylized Superman insignia, featuring a big red letter “S” inscribed within a yellow shield. Siegel and Shuster favored the use of the first letter “S” of the character’s name, as the symbol not only represents ‘Superman’, but it also symbolizes “Saving Lives”, “Stopping Crime” and giving “Super-Aid” whenever and wherever it is required. As a matter of fact, the Superman logo bears a striking resemblance to its creators’ names too. Both of their names start with “S”.

The Superman logo exhibits deep and idealistic origins and is said to have taken inspiration from mystical images and symbols and is an exploration of the spiritual dimension. Clark Kent (or Kal-El) has famously said in the Superman comic: “Many see the superhero as a form of modern mythology. If so, this aspect of color may play a part. Symbols are the stuff of which gods are made”.

Colors of the Superman Logo

The Superman logo incorporates two basic colors – red and yellow. These colors symbolize RAO (the red sun of Krypton, Superman’s planet) and SOL (the Latin word for the Sun). Superman’s extraordinary abilities are triggered by the Earth’s yellow sun and the red sun of Krypton, typifying his relation to his home planet.