Subaru Logo

Subaru Logo

Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of the Japanese transportation giant Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) headquartered Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was established in July 1953 by Kenji Kita, the former CEO of FHI, following the merger of five Japanese companies, namely Fuji Kogyo, Fuji Jidosha Kogyo, Omiya Fuji Kogyo, Utsunomiya Sharyo and Tokyo Fuji Sangyo.

Subaru is now one of the world’s biggest automakers. It is known as a leading manufacturer of all-wheel drive automobiles, such as the Subaru Forester and the Outback.


Subaru Logo The Pleiades

Shape of the Subaru Logo

The Subaru company and its corporate logo are highly inspired by the Pleiades, the widely known star cluster in the constellation Taurus. The Pleiades is prevailed by hot blue stars that were formed together about 100 million years ago. The cluster is known as “Subaru” in Japanese language, meaning “to govern” or “combine” in English.

The huge star in the Subaru logo symbolizes Fuji Heavy Industries, whereas the five smaller stars exemplify the five companies that merged under the FHI Group.

The Subaru logo is often considered as one of the most recognized logos in the automotive industry.

Colors of the Subaru Logo

The use of blue color in the Subaru logo represents excellence and reliability of the Subaru vehicles, whereas the silver and black colors stand for their sophistication, elegance, creativity and perfection.

Font of the Subaru Logo

The Subaru logo incorporates a slightly modified form of the Microgramma typeface.