Star Wars Logo

Star Wars Logo

Star Wars is a hugely popular American epic space opera franchise. Created by the famous filmmaker George Lucas, Star Wars film series, the third-highest-grossing film series in history, has since been merchandised into books, digital games, comic books and television series.

According to an estimate, the worldwide sales of Star Wars products have surpassed $4.5 billion.


Shape and Font of the Star Wars Logo

The iconic Star Wars logo comprises of a stylish and bold wordmark in outlined letter characters, placed on a galaxy background, which reflects the modern yet traditional values of the franchise. It consists of a custom-made sci-fi typeface, a hand-drawn, modified form of the “fascist” Helvetica Italic font, with sleek lines and sharp edges. This gives the whole design a clean and futuristic appearance, therefore creating a distinct and memorable identity for Star Wars. The logo was designed by Suzy Rice, an art director at Seiniger Advertising.

The Star Wars logo is among the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the entertainment industry.

Colors of the Star Wars Logo

The yellow color in the Star Wars logo symbolizes imagination, depth and passion; whereas the black color dominance, elegance and mystique of the franchise.