Star Trek Logo

Star Trek Logo

Star Trek is a hugely popular and influential American science-fiction entertainment franchise currently owned by CBS Broadcasting Inc. Originally created in 1966 by the famous screenwriter and producer Gene Roddenberry as a television series, it has since been merchandised into a film series, digital games, novels, toy lines and numerous other products.

According to an estimate, the worldwide sales of Star Trek products in the last five years have surpassed $1 billion.


Shape of the Star Trek Logo

The iconic Star Trek logo is among the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the entertainment industry. It features the franchise name in a powerful and futuristic typeface and the Starfleet insignia which consists of an arrowhead-shaped pennant, often believed to be inspired by the NASA logo.

Colors of the Star Trek Logo

While the silver color in the Star Trek logo symbolizes dignity, sophistication and grandeur, the blue color stands for supremacy, strength and magnificence and the black color depicts power and prestige of the franchise.

Font of the Star Trek Logo

The Star Trek logo features a custom-made typeface.