Logo Making Made Easy by Squarespace

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Making a logo takes time, research, determination and courage to go above the drowning pressure you’ll have on your shoulder.


Making a logo is complicated and critical to the success of the official stamp of your company.


Logo overtime has been a staple representation of one’s services and products and to choose a logo that would best represent these is crucial to the imprint of the logo on the minds of the people.


What happens in the real world is people just take one look at your logo and it’s up to your creativity and logo design to let it last a lifetime.


It’s really customers and fans that make or break the success of a logo.


Through the years logo designers have struggled and sometimes may need  a collaboration of another designer or a team of designers to come up with a unique, interesting and long-lasting logo.


But what if there’s a FREE tool who can take away all your logo designing blues and woes.



Just yesterday Squarespace introduced to the whole galaxy of cyberspace that they’re offering a FREE logo tool for anybody to use.


Whether you’re a logo designer or aspiring to be one, the said tool seems to come very handy. It generates logo symbols of over 7, ooo (and counting) in just a click of the mouse and you can manipulate the color, placement, font (style, weight, text) and tagline of your logo as you wish. It also offers a preview of your logo in business cards, on your site and on shirts.



You can use this tool now and try coming up with some ideas. Who knows it may be the next BIG IT logo!

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