Seahawks Logo

Seattle Seahawks Logo

The Seattle Seahawks are a popular professional American football team playing in the National Football League (NFL), in the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC). Based in Seattle, Washington, the team was established in March 1975. The Seahawks have won seven division titles and numerous other accolades. It is the only team to have played in both the AFC and NFC championships.

Their current home stadium is CenturyLink Field.


Shape of the Seahawks Logo

The Seattle Seahawks logo features the face of a seahawk with the eyes, beak and the neck. It brilliantly symbolizes the team’s glorious journey of success, pride and glory.

The furious glare in the eyes of the seahawk is actually inspired by Egyptian mythology. The falcon held a distinguished position in hieroglyphs. A few aspects of the logo somehow appear very similar to the Haida Eagle from the Egyptian hieroglyphs.

The Seahawks logo is widely regarded as one of the most popular and instantly recognizable football logos in history.

Colors of the Seahawks Logo

The Seattle Seahawks logo uses forest green, black and royal blue colors. This color scheme is basically influenced by the tribal art of the Northwestern Native America.