Roxy Logo

Roxy Logo

Roxy is the female line of the world-famous Quiksilver brand. It was introduced in 1990 when Quiksilver marketed its first-ever swimwear for women which was gained immense popularity. Roxy, widely reputed as a pioneer of extreme sports accessories, its products are closely associated with an exhilarating and thrilling lifestyle. It manufactures a variety of products including apparel, sportswear, women’s snowboards, handbags, jewelry and footwear.

Roxy also sponsors various sports events for women throughout the world, particularly in the surf and snow category.


Shape of the Roxy Logo

The Roxy logo is certainly one of the most iconic logos in the fashion industry. First introduced in 1993, it comprises of a heart-shaped crest, often referred to as a “a split heart”, developed by mirroring the Quiksilver logo.

The Roxy logo strikes the right chord and brilliantly interprets Roxy’s status as a premium brand that helps its customers show their success. It has brought tremendous success to the company and has become a symbol of grandeur, beauty and authenticity for extreme sports fans.

Colors of the Roxy Logo

The use of pink color in the Roxy logo gives it more than just a feminine touch. It is synonymous with affection, intimacy, innovation and care. The silver color, on the other hand, stands for perfection, creativity and sophistication of the brand.

Font of the Roxy Logo

The Roxy logo incorporates a very powerful typeface that is both rugged and refined.