Rolex Logo

Rolex Logo

Rolex SA is the largest manufacturer of high-end wristwatches headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1904 in London, England as “Wilsdorf and Davis” by German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf with financial help from his brother-in-law Alfred Davis, the company produces 1,200,000 watches annually with an annual revenues of US$5.1 billion as of 2010.

Rolex employs more than 2,800 people worldwide.


Shape of the Rolex Logo

The name “Rolex” is said to be inspired from a French phrase “houloguorie exquise”, which means exquisite. The iconic Rolex logo comprises of a pointed crown symbol as the company’s slogan is “A Crown for every Achievement”. A crown symbolizes prestige, victory and perfectionism – something Rolex has always strived for and prided itself on.

Colors of the Rolex Logo

While the gold color in the Rolex logo depicts excellence and rich tradition of the watchmaker, the green color represents uniqueness and prosperity.

Font of the Rolex Logo

The Rolex logo features a slightly modified form of Garamond typeface.