Real Madrid Logo

Real Madrid Logo

Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, more commonly known as Real Madrid, is a hugely popular professional Spanish football club from Madrid. Founded in March 1902 as “Madrid Football Club”, it is one of the most successful, richest and influential clubs in Spanish football, having won numerous honours both domestically and in European cup competitions.

Their current home stadium is Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid.


Shape of the Real Madrid Logo

The “Royal Crown” logo of Real Madrid is among the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in sports. First introduced in 1920, it has undergone several modifications over the years. It comprises of a royal crown, a bluish mulberry band of Castile, and the “MCF” initials across the middle of the crest.

Real Madrid’s merchandise is also hugely well-liked by the fans and the team’s logo appears on virtually anything you can imagine to buy.

Colors of the Real Madrid Logo

While the gold color in the Real Madrid logo depicts excellence and rich tradition of the club, the blue color represents its excellence and grace. The red color, on the other hand, symbolizes passion, valor, determination and vitality.