Raiders Logo

Raiders Logo

The Oakland Raiders are an immensely popular professional American football team that plays in the Western Division of the American Football Conference. Based in Oakland, California, the team was formed in 1960 originally belonging to the American Football League.

Raiders are one of the most successful American football teams in history with an extensive fan base and distinctive team culture. They have won fifteen division titles, three Super Bowls, four AFC titles and an AFL Championship. The team plays their home games at Coliseum (Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum).


Shape of Raiders Logo

Often regarded as one of the most iconic logos in American football, the Raiders logo has remained almost unaltered over the years. It comprises of a shield containing the team’s name – “RAIDERS” – in uppercase characters at the top, two crossed cutlasses with handles up and cutting edge down, and superimposed head of a Raider with a black eye-patch on his right eye, wearing a football helmet.

Colors of Raiders Logo

The use of black and white colors in the Raiders logo symbolizes strength, excellence, prestige and dominance.

Font of Raiders Logo

The Raiders logo incorporates a proprietary typeface.