Premier League Logo

Premier League Logo

The English Premier League is one of the richest and most competitive soccer leagues in the world. A professional league for men’s association football clubs in England, it is the most widely watched sporting league in the world with an estimated television audience of 4.7 billion people every season. The league is officially sponsored by Barclays Bank.

The “Big Four” of the 20 member teams include Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. The competition originally established as the “FA Premier League” in February 1992.


Shape of the Premier League Logo

The current version of the Premier League logo was unveiled in 2007, with a few modifications to its color scheme and wordmark. The lion has been the fundamental component of the logo, with its stylish and confident glare.

The Premier League logo comprises of a ferocious lion that depicts the authority that dominates the game. It stands for the challenges the league poses to its 20 competing member teams. The emblem also portrays the excitement of the competing teams to accept the challenge that they may face throughout the highly competitive league.

Colors of the Premier League Logo

The use of bright red and blue colors in the English Premier League logo represents the fervor and lively nature of the football league’s fast paced and intense style.

Font of the Premier League Logo

The Premier League logo features a slightly modified form of the Albertus typeface.