PlayStation Logo

PlayStation Logo

The PlayStation (sometimes known as PS) is an extremely popular series of video game consoles manufactured, marketed and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. It was first publicly introduced in Japan in December 1994. PlayStation is currently one of the largest and most successful global brands in the gaming industry.

PlayStation sponsors various grassroots sports and numerous other activities, including skateboarding and dragster racing.


PlayStation Logo Design Process

Shape and Colors of the PlayStation Logo

The PlayStation logo is certainly one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the gaming arena. When the brand development process was in its initial stages in 1994, more than a few dozen logo concepts were submitted for final approval.

The now-iconic PlayStation logo symbolizes an incorporated PS using four bright colors (red, yellow, green, blue) that embody the brilliance, passion, joy, charm and elegance of the groundbreaking gaming console. It was conceptualized by Manabu Sakamoto, the noted Japanese graphic artist who also created the excellent VIAO logo for Sony Corporation.

The PlayStation logo is often seen in a black and white color palette, giving it a very chic look.

Font of the PlayStation Logo

The PlayStation logo incorporates a custom typeface designed by Sakamoto.