Phillies Logo

Phillies Logo

The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the most famous and successful professional baseball teams in the history of the Major League Baseball (MLB). Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the team was established in 1883. Their current home stadium is Citizens Bank Park, a part of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex.

The Phillies have won 2 World Series championships and 7 National League pennants.


Shape of the Phillies Logo

The insignia of Philadelphia Phillies, also known as the Phillies logo, has undergone several modifications over the years. Nonetheless, it still remains one of the most memorable and instantly recognizable sports logos in history. The current version of the emblem was introduced in 1992. It comprises of the “Liberty Bell” and the team’s full name on top of a baseball diamond.

Colors of the Phillies Logo

The red color in the Phillies logo represents passion, determination and vitality, whereas the blue color depicts strength and excellence of the team.

Font of the Phillies Logo

The Phillies logo features a handwritten typeface.