P&G Logo

P&G Procter & Gamble Logo

The Procter & Gamble Company, more commonly known as P&G, a $80-billion-a-year American company that manufactures several product lines for its consumers, including personal care products, beverages, pet foods and cleaning agents. Founded in 1837 and currently headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, it employs 126,000 people across the world.

P&G is widely credited as a marketing innovator. The company leads the corporate world in advertising spending and sales growth.


P&G Procter & Gamble Old Satanic Controversial Logo

Shape and Font of the P&G Logo

The earlier version of the P&G logo consisted of a circle with a crescent-shaped, bearded man in the moon looking at 13 stars. It became controversial when rumors began circulating that the logo was satanic and reflected Satan’s horns and number of the beast. As a result, its usage was discontinued in 1985 and the company lost millions in sales and rebranding due to the controversy.

The current version of the Procter & Gamble logo is a typographic representation of the company’s name in an italic, uppercase script typeface.

Colors of the P&G Logo

The blue color in the P&G logo symbolizes excellence, class and reliability of the Procter & Gamble products.