Pfizer Logo

Pfizer Logo

Pfizer, Inc. is a global American pharmaceutical corporation founded in 1849 by German-American cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhardt. Headquartered in New York City, it is currently one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.
With total assets of US$ 185.79 billion as of 2012, the company employs more than 91,500 people worldwide.

A few of Pfizer’s famous products include Viagra, Lipitor, Lyrica and Celebrex.


Pfizer Old Logo

Shape of the Pfizer Logo

The Pfizer logo is certainly one of the most memorable and instantly recognizable logos in the pharmaceutical industry. It was designed in 1987 by Gene Grossman, a renowned graphic artist who has also worked for American Express, Gilette, Lockheed Martin, Citibank and Hilton.

The Pfizer logo bears a striking resemblance to the GSK logo but is much older than the latter. It has a shape of a medicine tablet. The oval-shaped emblem is a strong corporate identity that carries the message of hope, welfare and change forward. The letter “f” is deliberately made more prominent as compared to the initial cap “P”. By making “f” the most salient character, Grossman elevated its status and belittled the “silent” initial, so as to maximize visual interest and visibility.

The company introduced a redesign in November 2009, following their successful acquisition of the rival firm Wyeth. In the new Pfizer logo, the blue oval seems to be leaning forward in a suggestion of speed or urgency. Moreover, the blue color was spread over a gradient to give the overall design a shiny and vibrant look.

Colors of the Pfizer Logo

The use of blue color in the Pfizer logo represents excellence, strength, stability, harmony and peace.

Font of the Pfizer Logo

The Pfizer logo incorporates a custom typeface.