Oracle Logo

Oracle Logo

Oracle Corporation is a famous global American computer technology firm headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company is well-known for its computer hardware products and database management systems. It was founded in June 1977 by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates.

Oracle is currently one of the world’s largest software companies, employing about 118,200 people worldwide. As of 2012, the company has total assets of US$ 78.32 billion.


Shape and Colors of the Oracle Logo

The company’s name is inspired by the code-name of a CIA-funded project that the company’s co-founder, Larry Ellison, had been a part of. The Oracle logo comprises of a visually appealing and modernistic wordmark that is sufficiently active, resilient and capable of standing the test of time. It holds a very simple and clean design aesthetic and consists of a powerful and fresh primary color, i.e. red. The use of red color exemplifies passion, energy, excitement and determination.

The distinctively subtle design ideas of the Oracle logo impart a graphic architecture to individualize the new division from its parent, Sun Microsystems, yet with incredible vibrancy, delicacy, power and adaptability.

The Oracle logo is undoubtedly one of the most recognized logos in the software arena.

Font of the Oracle Logo

The Oracle logo incorporates a hand-drawn typeface.