Nokia Logo

Nokia Logo

The Nokia Corporation is a leading global Finnish communications and information technology company founded in 1865 by Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, the company specializes in mobile telephones and portable IT devices. Nokia is the second-largest mobile phone maker in the world, behind Samsung. It employs 101,982 employees in 120 countries worldwide.

With total assets of €29.949 billion as of 2012, Nokia is also one of the world’s largest companies, as measured by net revenues. The Nokia brand has been noted as one of the ten most valuable brands in the world by Interbrand Corporation.


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Shape and Font of the Nokia Logo

The Nokia brand, with its famous typographic logo, is a top player in the telecommunications and mobile technology industry. It has been ranked as one of the ten most valuable brands in the world by Interbrand Corporation.

The earlier logos of Nokia featured a fish (a reference to Nokianvirta, a river of Finland) and arrows (which were later dropped in favor of the “Connecting People” logo).

The Nokia logo with the “Connecting People” slogan was created to reflect the company’s values and business philosophy. It placed the company’s products and markets on the one hand and its internal organization and partnerships on the other. The slogan, coined by Ove Strandberg in 1992, effectively portrays the company’s mission, which is to connect people without barrier and distance.

A modified version of the Nokia logo, with the redesigned “Connecting People” slogan featuring Erik Spiekermann’s ‘Nokia Sans’ font, was introduced in 2006. The typeface was however changed once again in 2011, when the company decided to use the ‘Nokia Pure’ font designed by Dalton Maag.

Colors of the Nokia Logo

The blue color in the Nokia logo symbolizes communication, excellence, reliability, approachability and commitment in service, whereas the white color stands for purity and emotion.