Nikon Logo

Nikon Logo

Nikon Corporation is a famous global Japanese corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan that manufactures a variety of products related to optics and imaging; including cameras, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes and measurement instruments. The company was established in July 1917 after the merger of three notable optical manufacturers.

With annual revenue of ¥887.5 billion as of 2011, Nikon currently employs 24,500 people across the world.


Shape of the Nikon Logo

The Nikon logo comprises of a yellow background that contains a simple wordmark featuring the company’s name, “Nikon”, in black color in lowercase characters. The yellow background incorporates sequential white rays which symbolize the future and exemplify the company’s core values, its mission to move forward, and its commitment to meet and surpass customers’ expectations.

Colors of the Nikon Logo

The use of yellow color in the Nikon logo depicts joy, depth and passion, whereas the black color represents the unparalleled quality, trust and confidence that the Nikon brand has earned throughout the years.

Font of the Nikon Logo

The Nikon logotype incorporates a custom-made italic typeface.