Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon, sometimes referred to as Nick, is a famous American cable television network established in December 1979. The channel is a division of MTV Networks, and its primary audience are children; six to seventeen years of age. Nick is regarded as the first American television network exclusively for children.

Often credited to be the first American television network exclusively for children, the channel mostly finishes in first place among all basic cable networks. It is also considered as one of the top-rated networks in the history of cable television.


Nickelodeon Logo Evolution

Shape of the Nickelodeon Logo

The Nickelodeon logo is rated among the most popular and instantly recognizable channel logos in the world. Its original logo consisted of a silver pinball. The company later experimented with various other geometrical shapes. A notable version came in 1984 which comprised of a playful splash emblem. It was created by Tom Corey and Scott Nash.

The former version of the Nickelodeon logo was significantly conservative and experimental in its approach, especially when compared to the other famous corporate identities of the time. Just as the rounded, obliqued and dynamic wordmark systematically reversed out of orange blobs of distinct shapes, the Nickelodeon mark effectively lived up to the challenge of appearing fresh and consistent, while creating a clear, consistent and visually memorable identity.

Nickelodeon yet again changed its main corporate logo in 2009. This time, the company overhauled all of the logos for their individual brands.

The current version of the Nickelodeon logo is noted for the same chromaticity of youthful orange in a considerably glossier finish, expressed in lowercase characters. As a part of redesign, a bubbly, vigorous logotype was introduced which appears more captivating, cheerful and visually distinctive, while still possessing a lighthearted and lively design aesthetic.

Colors of the Nickelodeon Logo

The use of orange color in the Nickelodeon logo symbolizes youthfulness, activity, energy and joy.

Font of the Nickelodeon Logo

The Nickelodeon logo incorporates a handwritten typeface.