NHL Logo

NHL Logo

The National Hockey League, often shortened as the NHL, is a major professional ice hockey league. Originally established on November 26, 1917, in Montreal, Canada after the suspension of its predecessor body, the National Hockey Association (NHA), the league consists of 23 teams from the United States and 7 teams from Canada.

The current commissioner of the NHL is Gary Bettman.


Shape and Colors of the NHL Logo

The National Hockey League or the NHL logo is one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable logos in sports history. It comprises of the six-point shield that contains the diagonal block lettering inside it. The first version of the emblem featuring orange and black colors was created in 1917, and after being in official usage for more than eight decades, a modified version of the NHL logo was unveiled in 2005.

The notable changes included the change in color scheme as the shield was given a sleek new silver look – which symbolized the league’s connection with the silver plating of the Stanley Cup. The diagonal lettering was also altered and the positioning of the league’s name was modified to reflect the fact that the NHL has become a more progressive, stable and successful entity.

Font of the NHL Logo

The NHL logo features a custom-made typeface.