New York Yankees Logo

New York Yankees Logo

The New York Yankees, more commonly known as NY Yankees or simply The Yankees, are a popular professional American baseball team playing in the Major League Baseball (MLB) in the East Division of the American League (AL). The Yankees represent The Bronx borough of New York City. The team was established in 1901.

The Yankees have won 18 division titles and numerous other accolades. They play their home games at Yankee Stadium (II).


New York NY Yankees Cap Logo

Shape of the New York Yankees Logo

The New York Yankees logo is widely regarded as one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in sports. The NY Yankees merchandise is also hugely well-liked and well-respected and the team’s logo appears on virtually anything you can imagine to buy, from t-shirts to caps and belts.

The “cap” logo, with the white interlocking “NY” on a navy blue background, was originally designed by Louis B. Tiffany in 1877. He was hired by the New York City Police Department to design a medal for John McDowell, the first ever New York City police officer who was assassinated while on duty. Tiffany’s design appeared on the uniforms of the New York Yankees team in 1909.

The red-and-blue colored primary logo of NY Yankees, on the other hand, was conceptualized by Henry Alonzo Keller, the renowned American graphic artist, in 1947. The logo underwent a minor overhaul in 1970s, and has been slightly modified over the years. It comprises of a blue-and-red colored Uncle Sam hat which hangs on a red baseball bat that extends to become the vertical line of the “K” of “Yankees”.

The classic NY-Yankees logo exemplifies the team’s glory and achievements of more than eleven decades.

Colors of the New York Yankees Logo

The blue, red and white colors are meant to symbolize the American flag. These colors signify purity, patriotism, bravery and perseverance.

Font of the New York Yankees Logo

The New York Yankees logo features a handwritten typeface.