MTV Logo

MTV Logo

Music Television, more commonly known as MTV or Music Television, is a famous global American cable television channel headquartered in New York City. Its first broadcast was officially launched on August 1, 1981. MTV is widely regarded as one of the world’s most influential and widely watched television networks.

MTV is one of the most popular and recognized brands globally. It is available in about 400 million homes in 166 countries.


MTV Logos Alternative History

Shape and Colors of the MTV Logo

The MTV logo is widely regarded as one of world’s the greatest and instantly recognized logos. It was created by Manhattan Design, a design collaborative comprising of Pat Gorman, Frank Olinsky and Patty Rogoff, which was overseen by Fred Seibert, the network’s in-house creative director. The imaginative letter “M” was actually an illustration by Rogoff. Carrying the effort forward, Olinksky spray painted the “TV”.

During its early years, MTV mostly featured a logo which incorporated a big yellow “M” with “TV” in red letters. The network also employed various variations of this logo, with respect to color schemes, textures and patterns, as well as to celebrate special occasions and festivities. The general shape and proportions of the MTV mark, however, has remained unaltered in all respects.

The MTV logo experienced a significant overhaul when the network debuted its website on February 8, 2010. The notable changes included the removal of three basic elements of the original logo, namely the “Music Television” caption, the bottom section of the “M” block letter, and the trailing letter “V” that branched off to its side.

The memorable “I want my MTV!” slogan is often considered as one the most successful and effective slogans in the history of advertising.

Font of the MTV Logo

The MTV logo features a hand-drawn typeface.