Mobil Logo

Mobil Logo

Mobil (formerly “Socony-Vacuum Oil Company”) was a world-renowned American oil company, which was established in 1920 following the disintegration of the John D. Rockefeller’s old giant Standard Oil. Exxon and Mobil successfully merged in 1999 to form ExxonMobil. Formerly headquartered in Fairfax County, Virginia, ExxonMobil’s global headquarters are now located in Irving, Texas.

The iconic Mobil logo has undergone several modifications throughout the years.


Mobil Logo Evolution Old History

Shape and Colors the Mobil Logo

The Mobil logo is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most popular logos in the history of graphic design. It is recognized in almost every corner of the world. The font-oriented logo sometimes comes with Pegasus, the immortal winged horse in Greek mythology (reportedly conceptualized by Paul Desmond Brown, the celebrated American illustrator).

Featuring an elemental geometric sans-serif typeface, the current Mobil logo is a paragon of elegance, clarity and simplicity. The company’s name is written in five vertical strokes, the diagonals of the “M”, and two circles. The round “o” – set in red color; probably typifying wheels, cars and mobility – is made distinctive from the other letters which use blue color.

The red color stands for the passion, power and courage of the company, whereas the blue color depicts its reliability, grace and commitment.

Font of the Mobil Logo

The Mobil logo features a custom typeface designed specifically for the company.