Marlboro Logo

Marlboro Logo

Marlboro is the world’s most popular and largest selling cigarette brand. It is owned, manufactured and marketed by Philip Morris – the world’s premier tobacco company. First introduced in 1904, Marlboro is the most recognized brand name in the world today after Coca-Cola, according to several experts.

Thanks to “the Marlboro man” and its billboard advertisements (featuring of cowboys, horses, and the Wild West) and corporate sponsorships, the brand has gained an illustrious international reputation and one out of five cigarettes sold on Earth is a Marlboro.


Shape of the Marlboro Logo

The Marlboro logo is widely regarded as one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the world. It is a common sight on a legion of billboards, sports events, magazines, newspapers, television and merchandise. The logo comprises of a mountain-like shape with the brand name beneath it.

Colors of the Marlboro Logo

The Marlboro logo features red, black and white colors. All these colors exemplify qualities such as passion, courage, excellence, purity, strength and energy.

Font of the Marlboro Logo

The Marlboro logo incorporates Neo Contact typeface developed by the renowned German type foundry URW++.