Manchester City Logo

Manchester City Logo

Manchester City Football Club is a hugely popular English professional football club currently owned by the Abu Dhabi United Group. Based in Manchester, United Kingdom, it was founded as “St. Mark’s (West Gorton)” in 1880. After changing its name to “Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887, the club’s current name was adapted in 1894.

Manchester City moved to City of Manchester Stadium in 2003, having played at Maine Road since 1923. It is widely regarded as one of the world’s wealthiest football teams.


Shape of the Manchester City Logo

The current version of the Manchester City logo was unveiled in 1997 as the previous logo was declared ineligible for registration as a trademark. Heavily inspired by the arms of the city of Manchester, it comprises of a sailing ship and a shield, which bears the club’s name, in front of a golden eagle. The eagle is said to be a traditional symbol of the city of Manchester, since a golden eagle was featured in the city’s official badge in 1958.

Manchester City’s motto, “Superbia in proelia” is mentioned on the bottom of the logo, which is a Latin word meaning “Pride in battle”.

Colors of the Manchester City Logo

The Manchester City logo features blue, gold and white colors. All these colors represent strength, excellence, class and rich tradition of the club.