London Underground Logo

London Underground Logo

London Underground is a highly specialized and complex rapid transit system that operates in the Greater London, and a few surrounding areas such as Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Probably the largest metro system on the planet with 270 stations and 402 kilometers of track, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of London Transport.

The company was founded in 1985, but the system actually originated in 1863.


Shape of the London Underground Logo

The London Underground logo, often referred to as the London Underground roundel, was designed in 1913 by Edward Johnston, the legendary British calligrapher and craftsman. It is remarkably distinctive and powerful, and shows no signs of aging even after a century.

The London Underground logo comprises of two of the simplest geometric shapes – the circle and the rectangle – which act in perfect unison with each another, both symmetrically and energetically.

The London Underground logo, one of the greatest logos ever designed, is a true London classic and a genuine pop culture symbol in the truest sense ā€“ ubiquitous and thoroughly woven into the fabric of the multicultural and multi-ethnic metropolitan.

Colors of the London Underground Logo

The use of bold shades of red and blue in the London Underground logo allows for an instant recognition and psychological connection to the emblem, even from very far away.

Font of the London Underground Logo

The London Underground logo features the New Johnston Underground typeface, a modified form of Sans Serif, which was created in 1916 by Edward Johnston.