Lakers Logo

Lakers Logo

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most famous professional basketball teams in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Based in Los Angeles, California, the team was established in 1947 when Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen of Minnesota took over the newly dissolved Detroit Gems. The Lakers are the second most valuable NBA franchise, after the New York Knicks. They have an estimated value of $1 billion according to Forbes.

The team’s current home stadium is Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. The Lakers have won 16 championships and numerous other accolades in their iconic history.


Lakers Logo Old History Evolution

Shape of the Lakers Logo

The Los Angeles Lakers is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the world of basketball. It has undergone three major overhauls over the years, in terms of color scheme, shape and pattern.

The current version of the Lakers logo comprises of a basketball that exemplifies the nature and identity of the team, The stretched lines that appear from the team’s name embody the fast attack and remarkable defensive qualities of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Colors of the Lakers Logo

The use of gold color in the Lakers logo symbolizes the excellence and rich tradition of the team, whereas the purple color stands for its prestige, elegance and royalty.

Font of the Lakers Logo

The Lakers logo features a slightly modified adaptation of the Bodoni font family.