Kodak Logo

Kodak Logo

Eastman Kodak Company, more commonly known as Kodak, is a global American company that specializes in digital imaging and photographic materials related equipment and services. Founded in 1888 by George Eastman, the company is headquartered in Rochester, New York.

With total assets of US$ 4.67 billion as of 2011, the company employs 13,000 people across the world.


Kodak Logo Old History Evolution

Shape and Font of the Kodak Logo

The Kodak logo is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the photography industry. It was first introduced in 1907, featuring a circular design that contained the brand name. The logo underwent a major overhaul in 1935, as the company’s name was inscribed in red and yellow “trade dress” colors, kept inside a rectangular structure.

The Kodak logo was modified once again in 1960, when a corner curl design was introduced that remained in use for almost a decade. In 1971, the company unveiled a redesign that contained a box and a graphic element “K”. In 1981, the typeface was significantly simplified and the “box logo” was given a more contemporary and modernistic feel.

The current version of the Kodak logo was adapted in 2006. It comprises of a simple wordmark that features the company’s name using a custom typeface created by Allen Hori of Identity Design, who also supervised the entire rebranding process. The Kodak wordmark, positioned inside the yellow bars, is noted for its fresh, rounded typeface that gives it a simpler and visually appealing feel.

Colors of the Kodak Logo

The use of red color in the Kodak logo symbolizes love, passion, expression and life, whereas the yellow color stands for happiness, joy and optimism.