Juventus Logo

Juventus Logo

Juventus Football Club S.p.A., more commonly known as Juventus, is a hugely popular professional Italian football club from Turin, Piedmont. Founded in late 1897 as “Sport Club Juventus”, it is historically the most successful and influential club in Italian football, having won 53 official titles in the national and international arena.

The club’s current home stadium is Juventus Stadium in the Vallette borough of Turin.


Shape of the Juventus Logo

The Juventus logo has undergone several modifications since the 1920s. The current version of the emblem comprises of an oval shield divided in five vertical stripes (two white and three black), the club’s name on a convex section, and a crown over a charging bull. The bull is closely associated with the city of Turin.

The Juventus logo is among the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in sports. Its merchandise is also hugely well-liked by the fans and the team’s logo appears on virtually anything you can imagine to buy.

Colors of the Juventus Logo

The yellow color in the Juventus logo represents joy, passion and optimism, while the black color depicts excellence, prestige and elegance.

Font of the Juventus Logo

The Juventus logo uses a custom-made typeface.