Intel Logo

Intel Logo

Intel Corporation is world-renowned American manufacturer of personal computers, network cards and ICs, motherboard chipsets, flash memory, graphic chips and a number of other products. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. The company was founded in July 1968 by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. It is now the largest chip manufacturer in the world.

With total assets of US$ 84.35 billion as of 2012, Intel employs 105,000 people across the world.


Intel Logo Old History Evolution

Shape of the Intel Logo

The Intel logo is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the computer industry. Its earliest version, which comprised of a “dropped-e” design, was created by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, the company’s co-founders.

When the company became a market leader in the field of PCs and computer technology in the early 90’s, the Intel logo came with the popular “Intel Inside” slogan. As a part of smart marketing strategy, the company paid 50% costs of any advertisements that featured the Intel logo. This resulted in an immensely successful marketing campaign that gave birth to the famous “four note jingle” jingle theme.

The company brought in a new chip (Core) to integrate its Centrino laptops and Viiv home entertainment systems. This helped Intel reveal its new branding and marketing strategy. After the launch of these two brands, the new branding method simplified the Intel corporate logo. In an attempt to effectively portray the significant characteristics and value of their innovative products to the consumers, the new Intel logo highlighted broader changes inside Intel.

The “dropped-e” Intel logo was thrown away in favor of a “swoosh” around the company’s name with the new slogan “Leap Ahead”. This simple yet powerful message symbolizes the company’s objective to “drive the next leap ahead ā€“ in technology, education, social responsibility, manufacturing and more ā€“ to continuously challenge the status quo”.

Colors of the Intel Logo

The blue color in the Intel logo stands for approachability, excellence and grace of the corporation, whereas the white color depicts its elegance, nobility and purity.

Font of the Intel Logo

The Intel logo features a custom typeface which has been termed as “Neo Sans Intel”.