Hurley Logo

Hurley Logo

Hurley International LLC is world-renowned American clothing company headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. Founded in 1979 by a 23-year-old entrepreneur named Bob Hurley, along with his associate Bob Rowland and business manager Joe Knoernschild, the company is a top manufacturer of sports apparel, athletic shoes, equipment and other accessories.

Hurley was acquired by Nike, Inc. in 2002.


The Hurely logo can be seen on a variety of different items, including shirts, jeans, swim trunks, hoodies and hats. It is simple, but carries very high prestige among the masses.

Shape of the Hurley Logo

The Hurley logo comprises of the letter “H”, the founder’s initials, which are formed by inward and outward parentheses. The logo is often considered as one of the most popular and memorable apparel logos in history.

Colors of the Hurley Logo

The black color in the Hurley logo represents the brand’s elegance, excellence, supremacy and prestige.

Font of the Hurley Logo

The Hurley logo features a custom typeface.