Holiday Inn Logo

Holiday Inn Logo

Holiday Inn is one of the most prestigious hotel brands in the world, headquartered in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. Founded in August 1952 in Memphis, Tennessee by a local constructor named Kemmons Wilson, it has 3,414 hotels across the world with more than 100 million guest nights each year.

Holiday Inn is a wholly owned subsidiary of the InterContinental Hotels Group.


Shape of the Holiday Inn Logo

The Holiday Inn logo is widely considered as one of the most memorable hotel logos in history. It has, however, undergone a few modifications over the years. The logo was first introduced in 1952, comprising of a wordmark that featured the company’s name in a slightly italic and modernistic typeface. This version of the Holiday Inn logo was used until October 2007.

The current version of the logo utilizes the same green color palette, however with a notable change in font style. It comprises of an emblem which features the letter “H” in white color inside a green square. The Holiday Express logo was also altered during the same year.

Some reports suggested that about $1 billion was invested in three years to support the brand inauguration. Some $150,000 were spent per hotel for making alterations to the bedding, shower rods and landscaping.

Colors of the Holiday Inn Logo

The green color in the Holiday Inn logo represents uniqueness, originality and growth ā€“ whereas the white color stands for perfection, charm and elegance.

Font of the Holiday Inn Logo

The Holiday Inn logo features a custom typeface.