Heineken Logo

Heineken Logo

Heineken Brewery (Heineken Brouwerijen) is a world-renowned Dutch brewing company headquartered in Amsterdam. The company was established in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken. One of the world’s most popular beer brands, Heineken is produced by 40 breweries in over 39 countries across the globe.

The company manufactures and sells more than 170 international, local and regional beer brands (apart from Heineken Pilsener) such as Tiger, Starobrno, Birra Moretti, Murphy’s and Ochota.

Heineken’s popular slogan in the United Kingdom which remained in the force until 2005 was “Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach”.


Shape and Colors of the Heineken Logo

Heineken International uses two different logos, namely the “Authenticity logo” and the “Star-Heineken logo”. The current tagline of Heineken is “Open Your World”.

The “Authenticity logo” is more frequently associated with the Heineken Pilsener brand. It is carefully crafted to symbolize and fortify the brand’s brewing quality, legacy, trustworthiness and international reach. “Star-Heineken logo” has been made to convey and highlight the modernism and originality and self-expression of the company. It is primarily used in various critical sectors such as sponsorships, merchandise and packaging.

The three “Es” are intentionally slanted backwards to produce a smiling effect; which was actually an idea of Freddy Heineken – the company’s president and advertising manager during the postwar decades.

Font of the Heineken Logo

The Heineken logo uses a custom typeface designed specifically for the company by Jeroen Klaver.