Hasbro to transform Transformers

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Who wouldn’t forget their first Transformers toy?


Back then this toy was so simple that 3 yr old kids can build it in a heartbeat but these past years the Transformers toys have became too time-consuming, mind-boggling 1000 piece puzzles that only adult toy collectors can enjoy playing them.



But that’s all about to change as Hasbro takes a step back and a closer look at their roots.

Inspired by the Transformers movie franchises, Hasbro assigned their designers to “reconceive” these robots so kids (and kids at heart) of all ages will enjoy playing them. 


Now, the robots will take on a new look, buttons will be added to transform them into vehicles in seconds and flicking a hand or wrist will render a complete transformation. 



These timely changes were done in preparation for the release of the 4th sequel of the movie, Transforners: Age of Extinction this coming June 27, 2014.

Hasbro is hoping this would increase their sales in hitting the main target of their products which is mainly the children. These new robots will be available next week in London at Toy Fair.

Toy collectors need not worry, Hasbro will still continue to make their favorite ‘complicated and sophisticated’ robots specially for them.

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