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Google New Logo 2015

[Update] On September 1st, 2015 Google announced a new logo design to streamline the company branding across different platforms. See the official announcement here.

Google Inc. is the largest search engine company in the world headquartered in Mountain View, California. It was founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The company also operates more than 50 Internet services and products, from YouTube to Google Nexus. With total assets of US$ 93.80 billion as of 2012, the company employs 54,000 people across the world.

Google is sometimes regarded as the most powerful brand in the world, ahead of Microsoft, IBM, Apple and even Coca-Cola.




Shape and Font of the Google Logo

Originally nicknamed as “BackRub”, Google has experimented with various logos over the years. The current version of the Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar. It consists of a very simple but powerful wordmark which features the company’s name using the Catull typeface.

The word “Google” is actually derived from the misspelling of “googol”, which means the digit 1, followed by 100 zeroes. The Google logo signifies the real objective of the company, that is, to supply infinite number of information on any desired subject.

Google constantly works on improvising and adding new innovative designs, commemorating different events and occasions. These designs are known as “Google Doodles”; an idea which was implemented in 1999. Dennis Hwang is responsible for creating the Google Doodles. His team has created more than 1500 “doodles” to date.

The Google logo showcases a very strong and dynamic brand. It is often considered as one of the world’s most popular and instantly recognizable logos.

Colors of the Google Logo

The Google logo consists of blue, red, yellow and green colors. All these colors represent precision, uniqueness, growth, elegance and excellence.

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