Goldman Sachs Logo

Goldman Sachs Logo

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a global leader in corporate equity investing and financial services. Headquartered in the Lower Manhattan area of New York City, USA, it was founded in 1869 by German American banker and financier Marcus Goldman. His son-in-law, Samuel Sachs, joined the firm in 1882.

The company has reportedly invested more than $17 billion of equity in about 500 companies worldwide since 1986. It provides a full range of investment, asset management, and financing services to corporations, governments, institutions and individuals.

With total assets of US$ 938.55 billion as of 2012, Goldman Sachs employs over 32,000 people across the globe.


Shape and Font of the Goldman Sachs Logo

The Goldman Sachs logo features a blue square which contains the company’s name in lowercase characters using itemized serif typefaces (Univers and Sabon). It was designed in 1970 by the famous global brand consultancy firm Lippincott & Margulies.

Colors of the Goldman Sachs Logo

The use of blue color in the Goldman Sachs logo symbolizes strength, excellence, reliability and grace of the company, whereas the white color embodies nobility, elegance and purity.