GE Logo

GE Logo

The General Electric Company, more commonly known as General Electric or GE, is a leading multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in Schenectady, New York. One of the largest global companies on the planet, it employs over 304,000 worldwide in different sectors such as Capital Finance, Energy Infrastructure, Technology Infrastructure, Consumer & Industrial, as well as NBC Universal.

With total assets of US$ 685.300 billion, GE has the fourth most recognized brand in the world according to the leading business magazine BusinessWeek.


The now iconic logo of General Electric was originally designed in the 1890s. The current version of the GE logo was designed in 2004 by the famous London-based branding agency Wolff Olins and contains a modified form of the original design. Although it has a distinctly “old fashioned” feel to it, the memorable emblem nonetheless packs so much power and is responsible for thousands of consumer products and other related services for more than 12 decades after its creation.

The current tagline of General Electric is “imagination at work”.

Shape of the GE Logo

The circular shape of the GE logo has been almost unaffected by time, barely touched by contemporary design trends. Moreover, the inner activity close to the perimeter of the circle grants a feel of motion and fluidity to the overall design, which is further strengthened by the intellectually appealing treatment of the interconnected initials.

Reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era in a stylistic manner, the GE logo is a primary component on the packaging and various other applications. The classic appearance of the symbol, and more particularly the legible circular profile, gives it an incredibly neutral and comfortable visual expression.

Colors of the GE Logo

The blue color in the GE logo symbolizes excellence, perfection and trustworthiness of the company’s products and services.

Font of the GE Logo

The General Electric logo uses GE Inspira – its trademark typeface. It was developed by Michael Abbink of Wolff Olins.