Flickr Logo

Flickr Logo

Flickr is a popular image and video hosting website and online community. Developed in 2004 by a Canadian firm named Ludicorp, it was bought by Yahoo! Inc. in 2005. Flickr is now one of the most widely used websites on the internet and, as of 2011, the site hosts more than 6 billion images with a total of 80 million unique visitors and 51 million registered members.

Flickr is available in 10 different languages.


Shape, Colors and Font of the Flickr Logo

The Flickr logo is a perfect example of a minimal, yet effective logo that really stands out and could be easily used and reproduced. It comprises of a simple wordmark which features the website’s name in Frutiger typeface. The combination of two eye-catching soft colors, blue and pink, looks very elegant and classy, therefore resulting in a very strong, unique and powerful corporate identity.

These two colors also embody Flickr’s attraction and usability for both men and women.