Fila Logo

Fila Logo

Fila is one of the world’s most prominent sportswear manufacturers headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded in Biella, Italy in 1911 by the Fila brothers who made clothing for the people of the Italian Alps. Under the supervision of chairman and CEO Yoon-Soo Yoon, the company employs more than 800 people in 11 countries across the globe.


The stylish Fila logo is often credited as one of the most memorable and instantly recognizable logos in sports and apparel domain. Elegant and forward thinking, it is a symbol of elegance, excellence and grandeur. It has been worn some of the world’s most popular athletes and celebrities, which only contributes to the charm and rich tradition of the brand.

Shape of Fila Logo

The current version of the Fila logo looks brilliantly effective and exciting mainly due to the cleverly artistic and creative treatment of the letter “F”. The overall theme of the logo incorporates snakelike letters which allows for a well-balanced and highly futuristic and refined appearance.

Colors of Fila Logo

The red bar adds distinctiveness to the initial and is symbolic of passion, vigor, dynamism, purity and business responsibility. The use of blue color, on the other hand, signifies trustworthiness, reliability, and commitment in service.

Font of Fila Logo

The Fila logo features a custom typeface designed specifically for the company.