FCA logo links automakers of Fiat and Chrysler

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After Fiat fully acquired Chrysler this month, the conflict of using a logo that would best represent the two houses of automakers was also put to an end.

Sergio Marchionne CEO of FCA has this to say about their new logo, “It was designed effectively to provide the linkage between the two houses, as opposed to the retention of one organization over the other.”


Sergio Marchionne, left, CEO of Chrysler Group, LLC, and Fiat chairman John Elkann


As we may all remember these are the corresponding logos of





and Chrysler



And were used side by side for company communication purposes.


Now, the new logo, FCA which obviously stands for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will finally hem this two brands together and as Marchionne said befits their “working in unison” together.



Details of the FCA logo:

The letter F-C-A in the new logo are in geometric configuration taken from the most popular and important shapes in automobile design. The F was derived from a square which means concreteness and solidity, the C, taken from a circle to represent wheels and movement, which also means harmony and continuity, and the A from a triangle which symbolizes energy and a perennial state of evolution.

The powerful combination of Fiat and Chrysler only means more amazing and beautiful supercars in the future. And for that kudos to them.

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