Did You Notice These Top 7 Company Logo Changes in 2013?

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Logos have always been a big factor for the success of a particular brand or product. Any minor or major changes of any company logo especially from the famous, big ones will always be scrutinized under the public microscope. Some may face pleasant or violent reactions from fans and customers.

In 2013, there were a lot of corporations who strategically and covertly changed their logos. Did you notice these changes too?

7. Spotify

Notice Spotify used a black colored Sans-Serif font and removed the stripped-down details, keeping the logo clean and fun.

549440b6-ef81-4020-80d2-e6a5d5088fad_4-spotify - Copy (2)


6. Nivea

It’s hard not to miss out the Nivea products with its new logo in store shelves since the bold blue circle attracts more attention to the eyes. They used this blue circle in reference to their famous cold cream tins.

51d54a17-8361-4f85-95a3-2fad27d4c50a_8-nivea - Copy (2)



Women don’t just dribble, they dunk. The WNBA new logo represents women’s own voice in Basketball sports and veers away from mimicking logos of men’s sports brand. The “dunking” portrays women can play with balls and have the balls to do so.

8c83a468-41bb-4748-ab22-ff950f3508a2_3-wnba - Copy (2)


4. Motorola

It didn’t take long for Google to change Motorola’s logo after buying it for $13 billion last year. Notice the famous colors in the circle and the bottom line that reads ‘a Google company’. The word ‘Motorola’ is also now in lowercase letters when previously all letters were in uppercase.

79718e51-a9bd-4c1c-95c0-c8ae15fec835_1-motorola - Copy (2)



3. Google

This one needs a double look. Yep, finally Google dis-emboss its famous logo.

771897af-8b0d-4546-962e-6a0c07b1eb84_6-google - Copy (2)


2. Instagram

Since Instagram is expanding into a lifestyle brand and features such as videos and advertising will be incorporated into this once simple photo-sharing app, they opted for a sleeker professional looking logo. The cursive font is  slightly different and smaller. The “Instagram” font is colored light blue instead of black.

16f4c31d-d452-48c9-a6fb-1927487509aa_5-instagram - Copy (2)


1.  Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook didn’t get left behind in updating its logo either. Though at first glance it may seem indistinguishable, they finally removed the bottom light horizontal bar and the letter “f” now has no definitive bottom. I wonder if that signifies Facebook’s reach is endless.

0c414d66-68d1-49e6-9876-f99448d32920_9-facebook - Copy (2) - Copy

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